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What is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is the use of a geolocation device and software to monitor the locations of fleet vehicles for analytics and proper management. Once integrated into your fleet, you'll have full access to copious amounts of data to analyze and command your crew with. And that's where Geotab comes in.


 A serious game changer, there's nothing like Geotab on the market, and Safe Comp Solutions is an authorized installer and reseller for all of Geotab's products. When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing your fleet is in safe hands, and help is close by. With Safe Comp Solutions, Your Safety is Assured.

The Data and Analytics you need. All at your finger tips.

Why use Geotab?

Geotab is the #1 commercial telematics leader in the world, and when it comes to tracking your fleet, there's no one better to trust. With full access to all the data you could ever want about your vehicle's activities, you're in control of how you manage your fleet. And it doesn't matter how big you fleet is - Geotab covers it all. From a hand full to a few hundred, Geotab has been covering fleets world wide for over twenty years. Your in good hands with us, and even better hands with Geotab. 

by the numbers

+100 million

Miles driven 

tracked daily

+2 million

Telematics devices in operation

+40 Billion

Data points collected daily

Ready to get serious about your fleet?

As authorized installers and resellers for Geotab, we'll take care of the installation and upkeep for your Geotab devices. Get in touch with us today to begin commanding your fleet like never before.